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Trampolining & Gymnastics sessions summer term 2018

Ace of ‍‍‍Clubs Trampolining Club is fully committed to safeguarding the well-being of its members. All coaches should at all times, show respect and understanding for the children’s rights, safety and welfare, while conducting themselves in a manner that reflects the principles of the organisation and the guidelines contained in the code of practice of Ace of Clubs Trampolining Club.

Health, Safety and Welfare:

Ace of Clubs Trampolining Club is a registered club to British Gymnastics and adopts their policies and procedures. We have also attained our GymMark and ClubMark quality assurance status.

"The Ace of Clubs Trampolining Club recognises the duties it has under health and safety acts and regulations to ensure the safety, health and well being of trampolinists/children, coaches and helpers when they are involved in club business."

In particular it recognises its responsibilities to:

• Provide a safe and healthy training and competition environment for gymnasts/children and coaches through assessing the risks associated with participation and controlling them to ensure they are minimised.

• Ensure that adequate arrangements are in place in the event of accident, fire or other incident.

• Ensure that coaches and helpers have the appropriate trampolining coaching training.

• Keep the arrangements under review and introducing additional measures considered necessary and are reasonably practicable in relation to the operation of the clubs business.

Moral and Ethical Issues:

The club has also adopted the British Gymnastics policies relating to:

• Equal opportunities.

• Code of Ethics and Code of conduct.

• Protecting the participant in Gymnastics.

All coaches and participants are expected to adhere to these policies at all times. Staff and coaches will be suitably screened to ensure they are suitable to work with children. Staff are also required to follow accepted, good, safe coaching practice at all times.

Emergency Procedures:

Coaches should make themselves and all participants familiar with the fire instructions and the placement of exits throughout the venue building.

In the event of a fire or other alert, the alarm will sound and upon hearing the alarm you must:

• Leave the building by the nearest exit.

• Do not stop to collect your personal belongings.

• Go immediately and report to the assembly point - front car park.

• Do not re-enter the building until you are told that it is safe to do so.

A Register of participants is taken at the start of each class. Contact numbers for next of kin and any medical conditions are maintained.

Accident and Safety Procedures:

  • The facility provider must provide a suitably trained and qualified first aider and that person should be contacted via the senior member of staff present.
  • An appropriately stocked first aid kit is located at the venue reception.
  • In the event of a serious accident the emergency services must be contacted & medical help sought.
  • To call emergency services a telephone is located at the venue reception.
  • In the event of an accident, an accident report form must be completed.
  • All coaches, helpers and participants must adhere to the accepted standards of good practice at all times.
  • All accidents and incidents must be reported and recorded on the appropriate report forms located at the venue reception. This also includes notice of any recent injuries sustained whilst out side of the facility that may affect the participant during their activity.

Child Protection:
The club will strive to ensure that children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected and kept safe from harm whilst participating in gymnastics, trampolining and facility activities. We endeavour to promote the highest standards of care for participants and will:

  • Provide and implement procedures to safe guard the well being of all participants and protect them from abuse.
  • Respect and promote the rights, wishes and feelings of all participants.
  • Adopt good practice in recruitment, training and supervision of all employees and volunteers, and provide guidance to parents and carers.
  • Require all employees, members and clubs to adopt British Gymnastics Code of Ethics and Conduct, Health, Safety and Welfare Policy and the Child Protection Policy and Procedures.
  • Respond to all allegations and concerns, and implement the appropriate disciplinary and appeals procedure.
  • No photography and videoing will be permitted without prior agreement from parents and participants. Full details of photography and video policy is found in the British Gymnastics Health, Safety and Welfare policy.

The British Gymnastics procedures for dealing with complaints will be followed and if an issue cannot be suitably addressed at club level, the British Gymnastics procedures will be implemented. Full Health, Safety and Welfare Policies can be obtained if required from the club secretary, or can be obtained at www.british-gymnastics.org.


It is recommended that all participants and coaches in trampolining are members of British Gymnastics and access the accompanying British Gymnastics Insurance Scheme.

On affiliation to British Gymnastics participants are asked to fill in and sign a membership form with participants details including notification of any medical conditions, (previous or current) and allergies, emergency contact and agree to adhere to the club rules and policies. Injuries that have happened recently and sustained outside of the facility, should be reported and signed into the injury book before the any person begins participating.

Risk Assessment:
Risk assessments, equipment inspection checklists and manual handling are reviewed on a regular basis and any identified risks are minimised. The club will ensure that all staff and coaches are suitably trained to handle, erect, dismantle and store equipment according to the manufacturers’ guidelines.

The club recognises its responsibility to provide and maintain a safe environment. A responsible person will be appointed to conduct regular safety checks on the equipment and facility defects and the club will endeavour to rectify any deficiencies.

Ace Academy Training Centre Ltd (AATCL), of which, Ace of Clubs Trampolining and Gymnastics club is a part, is an independent company.

The venues it uses for the purposes of training are hired by AATCL and under the terms of the hiring agreement, AATCL as the hiree is not mandated either explicitly or by implication to observe the hirer's individual policy statements.  

For duration of the agreement together with future agreements unless otherwise clearly stated, AATCL will reference documentation provided by British Gymnastics through its affiliation in all matters.

All matters relating to participant welfare are dealt with by the clubs Welfare Officer: Ray Coleman who can be contacted in confidence on 07748 589481 or email rayacetraining@gmail.com