‍‍‍All London Regional Competitions are held at:

‍‍Harlington Sports Centre, Pinkwell Lane, Harlington, Middx UB3 1PB‍‍‍

‍‍‍R‍‍‍egional Novice, Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced

Su‍‍‍nday 13th May

Confirmed entry form‍‍‍ + fee of £18.00 by Sunday 22nd April 2018

Regional Novice, Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced

Sunday 1st July

Confirmed entry form + fee of £18.00 by Sunday 10th June 2018

‍‍‍London Regional Championships

Saturday 29th & Sunday 12th September

Confirmed entry form + fee of £18.00 by Sunday 2nd September 2018


Buckles/ zips/diamanté designs etc ‍‍‍will NOT be permitted.

Female: Female leotard or unitard with or without sleeves. Long tights may be worn and of same colour as leotard. Matching skin tight shorts may be worn, but with no decoration. FOR NOVICE ONLY - shorts and T-shirt in a single colour may be worn.

Male: For Novice and Elementary ONLY, PE/Sports shorts and short sleeved T-shirt in a single colour will be accepted. For all other competition, sleeveless or short sleeved singlet, gym trousers or gym shorts in single colour (NOT DARK COLOUR)

In all cases, white trampoline shoes and or plain white foot covering must be worn.



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Trampolining & Gymnastics sessions summer term 2018

‍‍‍For reasons of safety, covering of the face or head is not allowed.‍‍‍